~I hope your rambles have been sweet and your reveries spacious...~

                                                                                            Emily Dickinson
My rambles today were indeed sweet--look what I brought home!
I confess I just went out to run errands, to get the basics... like Kleenex with lotion because I just can't seem to shake this head cold that I've had since Christmas.  Truly, that was my mission.  It's not my fault that my local Big Box store has expanded its fabric and crafting section, and they just happen to have the most gorgeous wool now...

I've been twitching to knit lately, and when I ran across these gorgeous wools (Glacier Bay on the left and Violets on the right),  well... they asked to come home with me. 

Really, they did.
As always, my furry boys were on hand to supervise my outdoor activity (taking a photo of the gorgeous yarn)...
Charlie Rose... my constant canine companion
Oliver Twist--after investingating he supervised from afar...
Always on guard...
And then something really cute happened.

Today I brought Charlie home a doggie toy--one of the tennis ball contraptions with a rope attached to it.

He was completely uninterested in it.

Oliver, however, thought it was quite something...
... and proceded to bite it, roll around with it, and kick it with his back paws for the next 20 minutes.
'Great new toy, thanks!'
'...what do you mean, it's not for me?'
'... too bad, it's MINE now!!!'
Charlie isn't very interested in toys in general.  We're not sure why--we found him in the street two years ago, so we have no idea where he came from, or the story of his time before he became part of our family.  We're just glad he's with us now, and he's such a good boy!
Now.... enough Rambling. 

It's time to go find my knitting needles!  Sadly, they've been neglected for quite some time...

Happy Saturday!


06/01/2013 2:21am

Those yarn are indeed gorgeous. I'm sure they are going to knit up well. What will you make with them?

I enjoy looking at your blog and at your furry kids :)
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; it was a pleasure to come see yours! :)

06/01/2013 11:09am

Thank you so much for stopping by, Juanita! I've started a little project with the yarn, and it is indeed knitting up beautifully! I'll probably post a few pics soon :-)

Your furry babies are gorgeous as well--Fluffy and Pickle are lucky kitties! All the best for your move!


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