Look who arrived home this morning looking all bedragled with his collar missing and his little white-gloved paws streaked with dirt after being out all night...
He ran out of the house sometime yesterday afternoon in a snit about something...  with Pussito you never know exactly why he is so disgruntled--he just is.  There's a reason why they call it 'cattitude'.

He was nowhere to be seen when I called him to come in last night, which is very unusual for little Oliver man, who, although he enjoys his outdoor pursuits and his stray look-alike friend, quite enjoys the creature comforts of his own soft bed and dish of yummy chow. 

First thing this morning he was also notably absent, which was a bit worrying as he never strays very far from home and hearth.  I'm not sure what he was up to, but he appeared a short time later sans collar and looking very tired and rumpled.  I would love to know what he gets up to outdoors--this is the third collar he has lost so far this year!
He has now eaten an entire tub of Market Selects and has taken up residence in my workroom on Sophie's little blanket and is snoring away...  after a tantalizing flash of floofy belly that I dare not touch for fear of retaliation. 

Aah, the furries. 

How I love them.


29/04/2013 8:12pm

Oliver is a party cat! So glad he came home safely. Adorable pics :)

29/04/2013 10:16pm

Thanks, Anne! He sure is quite a boy... it's amazing how much personality can be packed into such a compact little creature! :-)

30/04/2013 9:56am

It is the time of the year for wandering you know.

30/04/2013 11:07am

True, Sherry, true... silly me, I thought that my pampered (and decidedly NEUTERED) boy would be sensible. I should know never to underestimate a kitty! :-)


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