There are so many talented crafters and creaters out there in the blogosphere!  I confess that I have a computer file entitled 'cool stuff & ideas' and whenever I see something that inspires me, I shove it in that file for future reference.  This fun project falls into that category...
I fell in love with this little quilt from Carolynn at Chenille Cottage--isn't it adorable?  She was featuring her guest bedroom and this little beauty was peeking out from the top of a dresser where it was part of a display...  I love the mix of colors and patterns, and the quasi-log cabin perimeter. 

You all know how I love my modified log cabin pattern!  You can click on the photo and it will open a link to her post so you can see it for yourself!

I drooled over the quilt for about a week and decided that I needed to attempt something similar, so one morning I sat down with a cup of coffee and my ideas and drafted out my own version of the pattern...
Yet another project to use up some of my favorite fabric scraps!  For this project I actually took the time to draft the pattern, add inlays, and keep a copy of it so I could replicate it at some point in the future.  Something you need to know about me is that I often start out a project with just an idea in my head and no set pattern.  I play around with fabrics and make things... handbags, coin purses, accessories, you name it.  More often than not I don't have a solid pattern.  I've done that all my life--and it's a bad habit that I really need to break for the sake of consistency.
And here it is!  A sister for my modified log cabin cushion to cover the world's ugliest pillow #2.  They're happy to hang out together side-by-side on the sofa in my new sewing/work room, and they add a bit of color and charm to my workspace.  I am so happy with the way the pattern turned out!  I may just make a wall hanging using my pattern and add in a little appliqued birdie...  stay tuned for a creative update on that!
The finished result is a combination of traditional piecing, hand applique, machine quilting, and hand quilting.  If anyone is interested in trying the pattern for themself, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll share my pattern with you. 

Happy Tax Day!


16/04/2013 11:28am

Beautiful quilting! I need to sew a simple little lining for my felted bag and the idea makes want to...well...go do something else. Your little bird house cushion is adorable :)

16/04/2013 5:39pm

Thanks, Anne! I had so much fun creating it... sometimes we just need a good frivolous project :-)

16/04/2013 11:30am

Perfectly SPRING! I love the birdhouses and haven't seen a quilt pattern that cute in quite some time!

16/04/2013 5:40pm

Thank you, Sherry! I'm really pleased with how it turned out :-)

Nancy Benaway
19/04/2013 10:05pm

This is totally beautiful. I love the birdhouses.

19/04/2013 10:18pm

Thank you so much, Nancy! I am on a bit of a birdhouse kick at the moment... I'm so glad you stopped by :-)

21/04/2013 9:28pm

Such cute pillows! Life to the full! Melissa

21/04/2013 11:19pm

Thank you, Melissa! :-)

30/04/2013 10:01am

Hi Leisa--I got your image linked up at the NewFO Challenge. You are a no-reply blogger, and so I couldn't respond to your message any other way. We found one another, however, and so everything is okay. You're entered to win.

30/04/2013 11:05am

Thank you, Barbara! I couldn't seem to get the linkup to work, so I thought I had deleted the whole thing... thank you for helping me out :-)

30/04/2013 10:17pm

Cute birdhouses. I like to blog hop and see what everyone is doing but it usually ends up I get yet another project started. Thank to Barbara at Cat Patches we have permission to start as much as we want... :)

30/04/2013 10:37pm

That's so true, Mary! I always end up with new projects in the works every time I look at others' work! Glad you stopped by! :-)

01/05/2013 3:31am

The birdhouses are so cute!

03/05/2013 10:33am

Thank you!

03/05/2013 3:25am

Your little bird house cushion is just adorable and looks fabulous as a sister to your modified log cabin cushion. The bird house cushion is something that I would just love to do. Thank you for sharing such beauties!

03/05/2013 10:35am

Thank you, Tami! I'll make a copy of my pattern and email it to you in a bit... check your inbox! :-)

03/05/2013 10:38pm

You are really talented! The birdhouses are too cute.

04/05/2013 12:34am

Thank you, Sandy! I'm on quite a birds/birdhouse theme at the moment :-)


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