Is there anything that can compare to the love of a dog?  

Our most wonderful street find  was Charlie Rose, Schnauzer extraordinaire.  He is always so happy to see us--turning in circles, tail-wagging, eyes imploring, one paw lifted in enquiry as to when the next adventure outdoors will begin...  sharing wholeheartedly both joy and sadness, constant companion and foot-warmer, the shadow beneath my chair and the ferocious barker when the doorbell rings (even the one in the pizza commercial on TV--it's hilarious).

Charlie and I spent the day together yesterday doing general canine maintenance--he is such a good boy and lets me brush his teeth without (much) protest, lets me work out the tangles in his super-fine fur and clip the increasingly unruly fluffy fringe around his ears.  He stands quietly while I shampoo him with a very unmanly mango-scented doggie cleanser, and doesn't put up too much of a fight as I brush and blow-dry his coat. 

Pitbulls and Parolees was on TV in the background during this whole process, and seeing those poor animals who need homes makes me so thankful that it was us who found Charlie--a frightened, dirty little scrap of a dog running madly around the parking lot of a huge mall near our house.  If we hadn't managed to coerce him to come to us with meat hastily-purchased from the foodcourt, what would have become of him?  So much character in such a beautiful animal... so much love and loyalty to give.  Such a shame that his story is an all too common one--homeless, unidentified pets fending for themselves on the streets.

The take-home message?  Follow the advice of the wonderful Bob Barker and 'have your pets spayed or neutered'.  Give a shelter animal a home by adopting, not buying a companion.  Be responsible and tag/chip your furry friends so if they are lost they can be brought back home quickly.  The life of an animal is just as precious as that of a human... they are neither objects nor toys.  They give love unconditionally and they are faithful forever friends.

I am so thankful that Charlie found us on that dark night over two years ago... he has been a constant and loyal companion through many difficult as well as wonderful times, and I would not trade him for anything in the world.

We love you, Charlie Rose!
Dogs are our link to paradise. 
They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon
is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.
~Milan Kundera~


17/02/2013 6:13pm

Charlie indeed found an amazing new home with you! Lucky guy!

18/02/2013 12:34am

You know how it is with doggie love, Sherry--they just capture your heart! We're the lucky ones :-)

17/02/2013 6:41pm

I am glad you were able to rescue him.
thank you for your comment on my blog.
Have a good week

18/02/2013 12:35am

Thanks for stopping by, Margaret! We were so happy when he finally trusted us enough to be 'captured'--it took a full two hours! We've never looked back :-)

17/02/2013 7:21pm

Beautiful post. I love my pups. They truly are my greatest friends.

Charlie is so adorable. You're a wonderful person for adopting him and taking such good care of him :)

18/02/2013 12:36am

It's so true, Anna--the furry ones are amazing companions without saying a word. I count them among my greatest friends as well! We are truly the lucky ones to be the object of their love and loyalty :-)

17/02/2013 9:27pm

Aw Charlie, what a nice pup. Mauzy and Marbles are both animal shelter kitties :)

18/02/2013 12:38am

I'm so glad to hear that, Anne--Mauzy and Marbles are just adorable! Rescue furries are the best kind of friends!


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