Bazzy Puss
It's a cold, grey, rainy day here and the general blah-ness outside has spilled  inside--everyone's mood seems to match the weather.  On days like this I find  that time spent with the furry ones always revives my spirit, so I give you a  cat in a christmas tie.  This is Bazzy Puss in feline dress-up...
Does anyone ever really get a perfect shot of their pet?  I have a variety of   furry friends, and as gorgeous as they are in reality, it never seems to   translate true to form in photos.  It could be that they squirm about so much,   making it difficult to capture a good shot.... or maybe the true magic of the   furry ones can never be fully captured in photos and exists only in the   moment. 
Ah well... even if the photos aren't portrait quality, Basil Vince Noir Schwartz  is rockin' his Christmas tie!


23/04/2012 8:52am

That kitty is too cute!


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