Sophie hanging out by her new tent!
Hi Everyone!  My name is Sophie and I'm the newest furry member of the household.  I'm somewhere around 6 months old but my Mummy doesn't know exactly how old I am--the vet told her I was around 3 months old when I found her--I've been with her for three whole months now!
We are a family of five--there's Mummy, Daddy (he plays with me... we had a great laser pointer session just this morning!), Charlie (he's kinda big and when he gets excited he runs in circles... I have to be careful that I don't get run over by his stamping paws, but otherwise he's cool.  The humans call him a 'dog', whatever that is...), and Oliver.  Oliver has a lot of nickames, but he tends to go by 'Pussito'.  He's a big kitty--Mummy tells me that he turns two in April, and that he was just a little baby at three weeks old when they rescued him.  He's not really too sure about me at the moment and he hisses and growls a lot, but I want to be friends.  I think he'll come around... eventually.
Oliver's old tent: the before shot.
Because I'm new I get a lot of what Mummy calls 'hand-me-downs'.  I guess that means that they belonged to the big boy before I came along, but that's okay--I enjoy playing with them anyway!  Everything is new to me!  See that red tent?  That was Oliver's but he got too big for it.  For a while he would play with me through the tent, so it got a bit torn up.  So Mummy decided that I would get my very own version... yay!
So Mummy did some stuff... not sure what everything was, but it involved a lot of cutting and sewing, and her machine scared me a bit at first but I was a big brave kitty.  She told me I was a good helper.
Pussito Checked it out first to make sure it was okay for me to try out.  He said it was too girly for him... see the lace around the doorway?  I really like that part.
I love it! 

It's so pretty, and it's just the right size for me to curl up inside and take a nap.  I did just that last night and it was really nice--Mummy put something called 'batting' in the bottom of it so it would be soft and comfortable for me.  I'm so lucky! 

Unfortunately I got a bit confused and tried to get on top of the tent.  It didn't work so well.  Mummy told me that I couldn't be like 'Snoopy'--does anyone understand that?  I don't know what she meant, but she was laughing, so I guess it wasn't so bad.
I'm kind of afraid that Pussito will change his mind and want his tent back.  I make sure to check in behind it to make sure he's not going to ambush me...  he's good at that.
See?  It's the perfect size just for me--and my toys. 

I'm not too happy with the photo because I know that black kitties don't photograph very well, but Mummy says I'm beautiful anyway.  She always tells me what a good girl I am.  I'm so glad I found her!

I think I'll go see what Mummy is up to before I go take a nap in my new tent...

Do any of you make special things for your fur babies?  Believe me, it's worth the effort--we really appreciate them!

Have a great Sunday!

Love, Sophie     >^^<


14/01/2013 11:20am

What a lovely and cute transformation for the little fairy fellow!

14/01/2013 8:12pm

So cute! I bet your kitty enjoys her new tent!

T'onna @ Submarine Sunday
<a href="http://www.navywifeypeters.blogspot.com/2013/01/submarine-sunday-14.html">http://www.navywifeypeters.blogspot.com/2013/01/submarine-sunday-14.html</a>

17/01/2013 12:43pm

What a sweet little project for your friend! I've enjoyed checking out your blog. Thanks for visiting Hey Little Mother today!

19/01/2013 12:45pm

Very cute! We just adopted a 9 month old cat who looks very similar. I should try to make something like this for him as his black fur is all over one of my chairs.
Take care,

23/01/2013 8:10pm

Thanks for sharing this cute project at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


24/01/2013 10:31am

Thank you for adopting a black cat. Our shelter finds black cats the hardest to adopt out - what's with that.

Thank you for the cute idea to cover the manufacturer's fabric on cat tent. I will go fabric shopping, when it warms up, to cover my small kitty tower.

24/01/2013 10:36am

I never understand why black cats are not popular--Sophie is the fourth black kitty that I've had the honor of sharing my life with, and they have all been such amazing companions! They are definitely my favorite!


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