Pussito supervising from afar...
We're having rather unusual weather here in South Florida at the moment--usually at this time of the year it feels like our version of 'winter', but at the moment the temperatures are reaching the upper 20s Celsius (it was 26 degrees C today).  Our mixed bag o'weather today included driving rain with intermittent blazing sunshine--which brought Mr Oliver Puss (aka Pussito) to the window to supervise my endeavours and let me know that he was unimpressed with his wet fur.
I am so enamoured with these gorgeous colors!
After two and a half days of straight knitting my little project is complete, and I am reminded that I really need to be conscious about posture while crafting--my shoulders and neck are definitely a bit stiff today!  (Photos to follow at a later date as the project is a surprise gift.)

Does anyone else do that?  I have to work at relaxing my shoulders because before I know it, I find that they have unconsciously risen to somewhere around ear level... definitely not a healthy situation!
So... today I worked on a little project for Sophie.  I'm going to take a photo of the finished product tomorrow as it will look much better in the warm light of day :-)

Now me and my aching shoulders are going to have a cup of tea and watch Ancient Aliens...  I have no idea why, but I love that crazy show!

What projects are you working on this week?
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09/01/2013 9:55am

I too find the shoulders at the ears. Not good! Knitting and crocheting really bothers me a lot anymore and I have to do them in shorter spurts. My project started last night is a new kumihimo leash using a new braid. I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out!

09/01/2013 10:19am

Wow, Kumihimo braiding is amazing! I've been wanting to try it with beads added--I've seen some beautiful pieces on pinterest. I hope you"ll share the finished product with us? :-)


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