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The Westerly Trench by Rover Dog on Etsy
In perusing the pages of Etsy I often run across fun items that inspire me--everything from felt owl ipod cases to amazingly creative jewellery pieces that have me rummaging through my crafting drawers for a rainy  afternoon project. 

Considering my absolute adoration of all creatures furry, my search words often include 'pet', and I've found a few beautifully made items that are both whimsical and functional for your furry friends.  Now just to clarify, I don't normally dress up all of my pets--the kitties find it particularly stressful and I respect their wishes in the matter... but Charlie Dog, he is surprisingly okay with it. 

As you can probably imagine, the weather in Florida is generally hot and humid, and doesn't lend itself to the necessity for canine couture.  There are times, however, that we get a cold front (yes, it really does happen!) and everyone goes running for sweaters and cool-weather accessories.  Quite comical really as those periods usually only last for a few days and then it's back to tank tops and shorts. 

It was during one of these cool swings that I noticed my Charlie Dog shivering on one of our neighbourhood walks.  The poor little guy is a 25 lb Schnauzer that found us when he was a hungry, dirty, frightened stray--we brought him home and he has been with us for over a year now.  We have no idea where he came from or what he had  been through, but the vet said he was around 3 or 4 years old when we found him, and I like to think that the love and care we have given him during the past 15 months has made up for his 'unknown' years. 
I took a look online and found inspiration in a few different books, and ended up drafting my own pattern for a doggie coat.  They all have the same basic shape, so it wasn't really all that difficult to take brown paper and make a rough mock-up on Charlie to make sure I had the right dimensions.

A few scraps of fabric, some bias binding, two buttons, and lots of love... and Charlie is the cutest doggie in the neighbourhood.  He gets a lot of attention on cool mornings when walk our usual route--the security guard even leaves the gate and comes to say good morning!

Charlie Dog ready for a walk
As I sit here in Canada four weeks to the day since my hometown flood, I miss my Charlie Dog almost as much as I miss my husband.  Charlie would love running along the trails here with me--sniffing everywhere, drinking from the little brook that runs beside the trail, watching ducks and squirrels scamper along...  and he would be too darned cute in his Scottish doggie coat--because he sure would need it here!

Happy weekend everyone! 


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