Spring fantasies have popped up all over the blogosphere in the past few weeks--everything from whimsical DIY and crafts for the home to light and frothy clothing confections.  I confess that I too am guilty of looking toward the coming months with a silent anticipation of colorful flowers and longer days, even though I wake up every morning in the land of eternal sunshine.  I think it must be a vestige of my Canadian heritage and many years spent living in a cold climate where spring meant a blessed end to the endlessly long, dark, chilly days of winter.
I am still creating in the digital realm this week, and in the quest for the perfect Pantone gold color, I ran across their Spring 2013 trend color collection:
I am enthralled with the Emerald and Grayed Jade tones, and definitely plan to incorporate those shades into my wardrobe in the coming months--probably with some custom-made accessories!  It's been a while since I made a handbag...  

Until I have a bit more time for more involved 'me' projects, I used the Pantone spring colors and made a pretty little homage to spring with a Carl Friedrich Gauss quote.  It seems quite appropriate considering the context :-) 

What colors are enthralling you this season?    Please share--I so love to be inspired!


26/02/2013 7:38pm

Whoa, that's so weird...I used this graphic just this weekend to design a piano recital program with hip colours for 2013. Love the grayed jade and African violet. Wait a minute I just crocheted pillows with those colors!

26/02/2013 8:19pm

That's so funny! Great {creative} minds obviously think alike ;-)

28/02/2013 7:47am

Love the graphic! What a great saying.

28/02/2013 8:56pm

I'm loving linen and nectarine. How fun! I can't wait til spring!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a good night!

03/03/2013 8:04am

What a great quote and the Spring colours are lovely!


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