Any of you who have been with me for a while will be aware of my love of all things patchwork.  I have been doing a ton of projects lately that involve enjoyable ways to use up some of my fabric scrap stash, and this week I've completed two projects that I am so pleased with!

I have always loved playing around with a modified log cabin pattern, and I put that motif to good use in making a beautiful quilted pillow cover.  The backstory of this unassuming pillow is a turbulent one...  it belongs to a set of three comfortable feather pillows that came with our big 4-piece sectional sofa two years ago.  Sadly, the aesthetic of the pillow coverings just didn't match their comfort factor, and I kept hiding them away in a closet never to come out unless we absolutely needed them. 

Here it is, the before:
See, I told you!  The ugliest pillow covering ever made.  It doesn't even deserve photo embellishment.
So finally, after two years of procrastination and trying to decide how I wanted to cover those sad pillows, I pulled out my fabric scrap stash and went to work.  (Totally off-topic, but  I've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately, I chalk up my sudden burst of creative energy to that.) 

The pillow is 27" x 17" and I used 2" fabric strips and made a random pattern.  I confess that I ran out of scraps that were long enough to finish the last few rows of the patchwork, so I broke down and bought a couple of quarter yards to finish it off. 

It'll be our secret.
I used polyester batting and a plain cotton backing and machine-quilted (stitch-in-the-ditch style) the pattern.  I had some natural cotton twill kicking around, so I used that as the pillow cover's reverse side.  It's very durable and will wear nicely.
I am ridiculously happy with the end result--even though our household aesthetic is neither shabby nor cottagey, I snuck in my own little bit of rustic charm and it makes me smile every time I glance over at it... which I have been doing a lot since I finished it several days ago.

Am I the only crafter who does that?  Glances lovingly at their creations... leaves them out in a conspicuous spot just to be able to catch sight of them...?

I think not :-)

Happy mid-week-day everyone! 


14/03/2013 9:52am

A definite improvement indeed! You should be happy it looks great!

14/03/2013 10:51am

Thanks, Sherry! Now to figure out what to do with the other two pillows...

16/03/2013 9:06am

I do wish I could sew! This turned out so pretty.
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19/03/2013 8:37am

Love the fabrics you selected! A charming transformation to welcome Spring!


19/03/2013 11:19am

I love the fabrics too! They make the pillow gorgeous!

19/03/2013 9:56pm

Love the fabrics! Really looks at home there on your couch. Thanks for sharing your talent with Share Your Cup.


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