Confession:  I am a fabric hoarder.

Well, not technically a 'hoarder' because I have no problem entering and walking through my house... but I have a massive fabric stash (a situation which I'm sure more than a few of you have in common with me?). 

I have fabric from all sorts of sewing endeavours that I put away to do something with later...  and some pieces are so very special to me.  There are certain favorite pieces that I periodically take out and look at, wondering how I should use them.  Then after much deliberation I end up putting them away because I like them too much to put them into just a 'so-so' project.

So, the other day I took out my pieces again... and decided to make something pretty that I could look at and enjoy all the time!
I started out with 1 inch strips like these, and started adding them onto a 'base' block measuring 4.2cm x 4.8cm. 
(...yes, that is a kitty ball-in-a-donught toy in the background... that's how we roll here!)
And before long I had 12cm x 12cm squares.  See that dark brown and blue paisley print fabric?  It's my all time favorite!
I assembled three color themes:  pinks, blues, and greens. 
I had three RIBBA frames from IKEA kicking around, so I added strips to the top and bottom of my modified log cabin blocks to allow them to (kind of) fit into the matted openings.
Overall I'm delighted with the results.  There is left-over fabric in these from everything from clothing for myself to shirts for my husband, and even Sophie's little kitty hidey hole. 
And some much-coveted fabric that I saved from my sewing room in Canada after the flood.  The darker greens in the above shot are a couple of those pieces.
I love the fact that I can look at these and recognize all of the different patterns and it brings back memories of many happy projects, and the happy times associated with them.  They are now living in the downstairs bathroom (which accounts for the weird lighting in the above photo), and I smile every time I look at them.
As Martha would say... these are a 'favorite thing'!


02/02/2013 7:46pm

Wonderful~A great way to use your stash! Now if I could do something with my stash!

Thanks so much for joining in this week.


02/02/2013 7:56pm

Thank you, Claudia! I love your sister's felted earrings :-)

02/02/2013 10:27pm

Love this idea! A great way to use up scraps!

02/02/2013 11:28pm

Thanks, Jen! I can never throw out little bits of fabric--this is a great way to use them up! Thanks for stopping by :-)

02/02/2013 10:33pm

LOVE these! One thing on my bucket list is to make a quilt from start to finish... a little intimidating though. I think I will be less freaked out if I start on a smaller scale. :) Pinning!

02/02/2013 11:29pm

Thanks, Lindsey! These would be a great way to start... and by using thinner strips (maybe 1/2") you could even make an adorable little miniature quilt for your gorgeous dollhouse! :-) So glad you stopped by!

03/02/2013 9:09am

What a great idea. The group of three color palettes is beautiful! My sister saved all of the left over fabric from dresses she made for her daughter, wouldn't that be a lovely project for those odds and ends. Beautiful work!

03/02/2013 9:33am

Thanks, Anne! That sure would be a wonderful winter project :-)

03/02/2013 10:03am

Really pretty and elegant too!

03/02/2013 10:28am

Thank you, Diane! Happy weekend :-)

03/02/2013 3:52pm

A fabulous idea that I will be stealing at some point to do with some of my special stashes!

03/02/2013 11:49pm

Thanks, Sherry--it's a fun little project :-)

03/02/2013 7:50pm

Great use of your fun fabrics! I really need to get busy and finish a few quilts that I have started and can't seem to get back to. I never use to do that. Was always a finisher. Can't say that anymore. lol! I often cut my leftover scraps in to 1 1/2" strips to use in a future log cabin.

03/02/2013 11:52pm

Thanks, Jann! I love the log cabin style--it reminds me of quilts my Grandmother used to make :-) I have a touch of the non-finisher at times as well--there are so many things to try, it's hard to stick to a project involving a long-term commitment!

04/02/2013 10:58pm

These are really cute! Great idea too. Little Bit from

05/02/2013 5:26am

These are beautiful! Leisa. I used to have a fabric stash, when I sewed. That has been a few years.

Thanks so much for visiting BPM.

08/02/2013 2:34am

This is such an awesome idea! What a cute and effective way to use up your fabric scraps!


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