These are some very simple things in life that make me happy... the favourite things that don't involve a lot of expense or glamour but that give me a lot of basic enjoyment.  Everybody has them---what are yours? 


Set of owl pillowcases by Boy-Girl Tees on Etsy
There is nothing more appealing than settling into bed and laying your cheek on a cool, crisp pillowcase.  The bliss is doubled if it's fresh off the clothesline and still bears traces of the smell of sunshine and summer breezes.


Notecard by Lindsay Parks Photography on Etsy
The smell of lilacs, honeysuckle, and roses wafting in through an open window on a summer's morning.  This is wonderful when experienced in combination with the above-mentioned crisp pillowcase...


FRESH CUT GRASS Scent 100% Soy Wax Break Away Melts by Scents of Humor on Etsy
The smell of freshly cut grass... is there anything like it?  The hum of nectar-filled bees drunkenly perusing the garden's lush summertime offerings while the neighbor's mower drones on in the distance. 


Cat Paws I Black and White Photograph by Long World Photography on Etsy
The deliciousness of kitty paws--kneading on your tummy when they want comfort, touching your face when they want attention, with toes  spread as they go about their ablutions, softly padding across the kitchen floor... there is no end to the deceptive softness of cat paws--so furry and appealing, yet hiding some very dangerous weaponry!


Bonfire Sea Glass Necklace by Tidal Creations on Etsy
The unexpected delight of walking barefoot along the beach, enjoying the feeling of wet sand between your toes as the waves lap at your ankles.... and you look down to spot the most perfect piece of sea glass just peeking above the sand.  Wonderful memories of days out by the sea in Scotland with windswept hair, salt-kissed skin, and a pocketful of sea glass and pottery with grains of sand still clinging obstinately to their frosty surfaces.  Pure heaven.


Handknitted Cabled A Line coat sweater by Pilland on Etsy
A cool crisp day spent in  favourite worn jeans, wrapped up in a cozy wool coat sweater, and accessorized with a steaming mug of fragrant black coffee and a well-loved book...  how lovely to embrace the non-summer weather!


Original Fine Art Photograph entitled 'Dream, dream' by Marisa Kestel on Etsy
The unexpected pleasure of a patch of peonies kissed by intense sunshine--their heavy heads full and fragrant, filled with a microcosm of little ants going about their daily duties with single-minded devotion.  During my childhood years, my Gram's garden displayed a variety of peonies from the palest pink to the most garish fuschia... all were voluptuous and inviting, all smelled spicy and floral in the sun, and each of my overly-exuberant smelling encounters resulted in an ant up my nose.  Oh to spend an hour back in that garden...


Mustard Flowers in Evening Light Fine Art Print by Gina Kelley on Etsy
Evening light.  Nothing is more forgiving, more flattering, more enchanting than the golden-tinged rays that fall as the sun is setting, sending long dark shadows racing behind trees, spilling an inky, intricate lacework along the dewy grass.  My favorite time of the day is during the last half hour before the sun says goodnight and the stars come out to play... it is a time when the world seems to slow a little, when all nature is draped and gilded as scenes of El Dorado play out across normally pale walls and bird calls trail off as silence settles into the coming darkness for a few hours of repose. 
All of the above items are for sale at Etsy--if you're interested, click on the photo to take a look.


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