I've been seeing everyone's beautiful crocheted creations lately and it has inspired me to take ten minutes out of my day and whip up a cute little ornament of my very own.  I found this particular double flower pattern online and followed instructions that were more complicated than they needed to be, so I'm not going to bother sharing it with you, because seriously, I found it really confusing.  Suffice it to say that it involved making the smaller flower and flipping it over to create the larger flower on the back side...  It was not really to my liking, so I think for my future endeavors I'm going to wing it and come up with my own design.
I will however say that if you have a favorite crocheted flower pattern, this is so cute and easy!  I used MADEIRA silk embroidery floss mainly because I have a bunch of it in my stash, and it is the loveliest shade of dusty rose... plus the silky sheen is a nice addition.  You could use literally anything that takes your fancy--it's your party!  The center is a shell button and the leaves are from my fabric scraps.  Oh, how I love my collection of fabric scraps!  I whipped it together quickly and have a little round of brown felt attached to the back with a bit of hot glue.
I definitely plan to make a few more of these to use as brooches--very simple with the addition of a little brooch clasp sewn onto the felt backing.  This little cutie is going to grace my next project--coming soon! 

Happy weekend, everyone!


09/03/2013 8:08am

Ooo, the double flower is pretty! And yes, such a lovely color too. Have a great weekend. Anne

09/03/2013 11:00am

Thanks, Anne! It's going to be a happy addition to my next little project :-) I just picked up a gorgeous stormy-purple crochet cotton to try a different pattern and thought of you--results to be posted soon!

Happy weekend!

10/03/2013 10:36pm

So adorable!!! Love the combination between fabric and crochet! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
Have a fabulous week!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

10/03/2013 10:53pm

Thank you, Ana! I just took a look at your wire crochet flower, and I love it! Thanks for stopping by!


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