Wow, has it ever been cool here lately! 

Yes, I know I live in Miami, but when the temperatures drop to 5 degrees Celsius overnight, it feels just as cold to us as -15 feels to those of you living in the great White North! 

It has been so pleasant to throw open the windows and let the cool air rush through the house... to wear my slipper socks with jeans and a sweater.  

It's 'fresh air kisses' weather--when I was a little girl and had been out playing in the cold Canadian air, my mum would always throw her arms around me when I came back inside and put her cheek against mine for 'fresh air kisses'.  Now that I'm a grown-up I still think of her every time I come inside with cool cheeks.  My husband is now the recipient of this delightfully cool affection :-)

This morning Charlie Dog was shivering when he took his morning wander around the back yard, so I pulled out his velour 'Rocky Balboa warm-up hoodie' and bundled him up to go on our morning walk around the neighborhood. 
I can't resist that face, especially when he's all dressed up and looking so cute! 

He wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good photo without the leash, so I snapped this with my phone while we were out for our walk. 

You know the funny thing?  He doesn't mind doggie clothing.  He seems to know that he's just adorable when he's costumed!  Such a clever boy...

Happy Thursday!


07/03/2013 3:47pm

What a cute pup! I hope he likes the cookies if you decide to make them :)

07/03/2013 5:16pm

Thanks, Teenah! I plan to give them a try this weekend--I'm sure he's going to love them! :-)

07/03/2013 9:21pm

Aw, love those Charlie pics. He looks pretty jazzed about sporting a fine hoodie. Gee, it's warm in Nova Scotia...7 degrees on Sunday :)

08/03/2013 10:20am

Thanks, Anne! He loves his cold weather clothes :-)
Wow, 7 degrees!? Some recent nights it's only been 8C here.... we're almost the same temp!
Happy weekend and enjoy that 'tropical' weather!

08/03/2013 12:50pm

I laughed reading that first few lines and thinking "isn't she from Canada?". Charlie is ADORABLE and love the hoodie!

08/03/2013 1:48pm

I know, Sherry... my thick Canadian blood has thinned out being here in the land of sunshine and humidity, and although I love the cool weather, I really do feel it more than I used to! My North-dwelling family is ashamed ;-)

22/03/2013 10:17pm

Too cute!!!

22/03/2013 11:48pm

Thanks, Mimi! Aren't the furries the best?! :-)


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