Fashion Star
What an absolutely brilliant marketing tie-in to update the standard reality contest show!  The fact that the winners' garments are available for sale at either Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, or H&M (in NYC stores and online) the next morning is a stroke of genius.  Am I wrong in this?  I've read some pretty disparaging reviews of the show, but really?  I love the concept. 

Maybe you have to have been involved to some degree in the industry to appreciate it?  Could be.  Either way, I am inspired to stop procrastinating and start sewing up the funky shirt for J that I've had cut out and sitting impatiently in pieces for two weeks now...  thank you, Fashion star! 

The birthday surprise shirt that I made for J back in January was a huge hit--brown fabric with  a subtle pattern combined with a contrasting inside cuff and collar band paired  with pale blue piping detail at the western-style front and back yokes.  He has  worn it frequently and always gets compliments on it... which alwas makes me  smile. 
The Surprise Birthday Shirt
New Shirt In Progress
Pumpkin Pancakes (made from scratch) consumed--check. 
Costa Rican Crack Coffee x 2 cups--check. 
Walk around the neighbourhood with the furry boy-check. 
Procrastinating about heading out for a swim... well, yeah.  But in fairness, the sun is too high and I'll burn to a crisp at the moment, so I plan to go later.... really.  So technically that's almost a check--right?  Check.

... on with the day!  Have a great one!