Books have always been a huge part of my life.  I am a self-proclaimed bookworm--and proud of it!  From childhood onward I have been the girl with a book (or two) always lurking in her bag.  I read in cafes over a good strong Americano, on the train during the morning commute, while waiting in the Doctor's office... anywhere and everywhere.  For me, reading the first page of a new book is like slipping into a warm bath--comforting and relaxing.  The start of personal time well-spent. 

Some books stand out among the others, and this week I had the pleasure of enjoying one of them.  I finally received the copy of 'Orphan Train' that I had requested at my local library.  My husband picked it up for me and it came into my posession on Tuesday night.  I threw it in my bag yesterday morning and headed out to a series of appointments with waiting periods in between... which of course meant perfect reading time!  I became totally  immersed in the story and finished it last night at bedtime.  A thoroughly good read.

I won't bore you with all the details of the book (as I am sure not everyone is interested in the subject of the 200,000 children rounded up in NYC and shipped out on trains to the mid-west during the early 1900s), but you can take a look here on Amazon for the full publisher's summary. 
There is a great post about the historical background of 'Orphan Train' on (the author) Christina Baker Kline's blog, if anyone is interested.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this author's writing style and I think I may just look into her other four novels. 
To totally switch gears, I have been very busy on the projects front--and simultaneously too lazy to photograph and document my endeavors in a post.  I plan to remedy that this weekend and share my creations very soon!  Let's just say that I have rediscovered my love of seersucker and am finally getting around to sewing up something that I cut out over a year ago (right before the big flood disrupted my entire year)!

Happy (almost) weekend!