Wow, what a week.

All has been absolutely silent on the homefront this week due to a series of mishaps and frustration...

You know how you sometimes read a friend's facebook status saying that they've dropped their phone in the toilet and what should they do to salvage their extremely pricey piece of soggy electronics?  Remember how you usually snicker while you're reading it, wondering how anybody could possibly be silly enough to let their phone take a nosedive...

Never laugh at that.  Karma will bite you in the behind.  Seriously.

My beautifully sunny Sunday turned sour when we returned home from breakfast with some friends and I managed to drop my phone... yup, in the toilet.  In fairness, it was in my shallow trouser pocket and it slid out on its own without me actually dropping it... but really it all amounts to the same thing in the end.

Strike one.

Mr Android spent more than 24 hours with his delicate insides exposed to the air and bouts of brutal hair dryer action (on the cool setting, of course), and I am happy to report that (so far, at least) he is working normally.

Thank goodness, because my husband just gave it to me for Valentine's Day.  A six week lifespan would be seriously unlucky for Mr Android.

Monday morning our internet connection decided to die... and it wasn't restored until TODAY.

Yes, that's right.  This (FRIDAY) afternoon we were finally connected once again to the grid.

It's just been one of those weeks for technology, I guess!

On a brighter note, in the absence of electronic entertainment, I managed to commandeer the upstairs guest room (recently vacated by my husband and his home office in his move to the new warehouse) and gave it a fresh paint job and a serious deep clean.

I finally have a work room again! 

The excitement of this room is indescribable.  I had a beautiful custom-built sewing room in my house in Canada (yup, the one destroyed in last year's flood) and I have missed it terribly.  Putting a new workroom together has given me a lift that I have needed since I watched my house being demolished last August.  Finally, I have a proper work space again!

And Mr Oliver Puss (aka Pussito) has reclaimed his spot, as you can see above.

Shots of my new room coming soon... I can't wait to really use it!

Happy Easter, Everyone! 


31/03/2013 1:49pm

YAY for a new work room and isn't it amazing how a new fresh space can help an old wound heal!

01/04/2013 1:14pm

So true, Sherry! I'm slowly arranging it just the way I want it, and it certainly is a healing process :-)

01/04/2013 10:45pm

Sorry to hear about your phone and Internet services! I've been afraid that my phone would drop out of my pocket into the toilet. Hasn't happened yet, but I need to be more careful. . . Can't wait to see your new workroom!

02/04/2013 10:13pm

Thanks, Laura--I've always had it in the back of my mind too... now I'll definitely be more careful! I'm almost finished with my room... pics to follow :-)

04/04/2013 1:17pm

Sometimes life can throw such a random curveball at you! My cousin was over the other day and she told me how her phone fell in the toilet (it was in her back pocket, too) and I just laughed so hard. Karma is a wondrous thing. I'm hoping it doesn't come back to taunt me.

I hope you have better weeks ahead!

04/04/2013 11:36pm

Thanks, Aly! I always laughed as well... now I'm super-careful :-)


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